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The Way Polar Bears Stay Warm is Cool

​Vicki Cobb The Master Chef of Kids’ Hands-on Science      Polar bears are built to withstand some of the coldest temperatures on the planet.  Their brown and black bear cousins avoid the winter cold by digging dens and sleeping.  But, except for pregnant females, polar bears spend the arctic winter outside where temperatures could

The Story of Hanukkah

Jim WhitingNonfiction is the new black      When the Seleucid emperor Antiochus IV came to power in 175 BCE after his brother was assassinated, he insisted on being called Antiochus Epiphanes (“Antiochus the Visible God”). To the Jews who had the misfortune to be among his subjects, he was Antiochus Epimanes (“Antiochus the lunatic”). 

The Race For the Sky

Roxie MunroVisual Thinker      Who would build the world’s tallest building – the powerful Bank of Manhattan Trust Company down on Wall Street or Walter P. Chrysler, the automobile tycoon up on 42nd Street? It was early 1929, and a race for the sky raged in New York City. In late summer, the newspapers