Month: November 2020

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Mystery of the Blue Marble

Alexandra Siy         STEM through the lens      Chances are you’ve seen this photograph before—maybe on a T-shirt, on a billboard, or in a TV ad. The “Blue Marble Shot” has been reprinted more than any other photograph in history. It was taken on December 7, 1972, by one of the three Apollo

Marquis de Lafayette: Revolutionary Hero and Washington’s Adopted Son

Selene CastrovillaEmpathetic Historian  “My heart was enlisted,” the Marquis de Lafayette wrote in his memoirs, “and I thought only of joining my colors to those of the revolutionaries.”           Who were the revolutionaries Lafayette referred to?  Americans, bien sûr!           Lafayette was just 19 when he paid for his ship, hired a crew and set

Queen of the Selfie

Jan Greenberg ​Cheerleader for the Arts How many of you have ever taken a selfie with friends and posted it on Instagram?  Millions of people carry their cell phones with them all the time just in case they get a call or email. But we also use the camera on our iphones to record our

What’s the Biggest Number?

David M. SchwartzThe amazing, engaging, math exponent.  Can you put into words what these equations are telling you?      Think of a big number. How about one million? It’s a thousand thousand. That’s a lot. If you counted nonstop to a million, it would take you about 23 days.        A million is

Lonesome George: The Face of Extinction

Dorothy Hinshaw Patent Nature’s Animal Ambassador     “Whatever happens to this single animal, let him always remind us that                  the fate of all living things on Earth is in human hands.”      These words, inscribed on a panel by the enclosure where the last of his race, the